Britannia House in Queensway has been sold, and ceased to operate in its current state on the 18th of May 2015.  The proceeds of the sale of the old Britannia House will wholly be used to buy the land and build  new “purpose built” accommodation (alongside Four Corners) complimenting Project Euston.  This is currently in the planning stage and will allow the new Britannia House (short term family accommodation), to be closer to the future MoD married quarter’s estate, community centre and facilities when built.  The new Britannia House is expected to be finished 2020, and will continue to provide the service provided at the old Britannia House since 1952, hopefully for many years to come.  In the interim period, the Government of Gibraltar (GoG) has agreed to lease the GNT 12 properties (11 Flats), which we have called Britannia House Buena Vista.  These will be used to maintain the availability of the “Short Term Family Accommodation” currently provided by the old Britannia House, until the new Britannia House is built.  These properties are the former MoD flats (PREVOST & PHILLIMORE) in Buena Vista.

BHBV (Prevost) &

Britannia House Buena Vista (BHBV) have also gained upgraded facilities. These flats are a step improvement on the old Britannia House in the Queensway, they are fully carpeted, are of a more modern design, and all have 3 bedrooms!
An uplift in supplied facilities now means that each flat includes a washing machine, Double Glazing, Hoovers, Cable television, hair dryers, DAB radios and Internet access in every flat.etc,  The Buena Vista properties were refurbished by the GoG before we accepted them, and are clean and fresh when compared to the old Britannia House.  Although the location of BHBV is not in the town centre, BHBV has the advantage of fantastic views over the bay, they will be dramatically quieter for the occupants when compared to the old Britannia House. Buena Vista is on the main bus route to Europa Point.

Keys – keys will be available within keys safes, located outside each flat main door.  Each key safe will require a 4 digit code, this will be supplied prior to arrival. Please call 1 week before you arrive for your 4 digit code.

BHBV prices will remain current until the 1st Jan every year when they may be subject to a small annual increase.  It is hoped that the service community will continue to support the GNT through BHBV, to allow the GNT to in turn continue to “provide and support the facilities and activities for the efficiency and well-being of service personnel serving in Gibraltar” as it has done since 1921.  The GNT receives no funding from the MoD, it is self sufficient, relying fully on your continued support.