Britannia House (old, BHBV or New) is run by the Gibraltar Naval Trust (GNT).  A UK and Gibraltar registered Charity, which all of its profits are donated quarterly to the Gibraltar Amenities Fund at HQBF Gibraltar. The purpose of the GNT has always been “the provision and support of facilities and activities for the efficiency and well-being of service personnel serving in Gibraltar”.  This was achieved by the provision of the old Britannia House (near Queensway) since 1962 and before then by the running of the Naval Trust Cinema in Gibraltar.

BHBV flats are available at the very reasonable rates, rented per night per flat at the current rates for 2019 ;

Jan & Feb
March April,May,Oct,Nov,Dec
Jun, Jul Aug & & Sept
Christmas and Easter peak time
The trustees of the GNT deemed it counter productive to charge current market accommodation rates for Britannia House, as their low cost benefits us all.
The trustees are now looking into the design, procurement and build of the New Britannia House.